Building an observatory. Construction #19

The next step with the roof is to put some bracing across some of the joins, partly to strengthen them, but also to provide fixing points for the rest of the roof. I had some spare steel sheet to do this with, but cutting it took somewhat longer than planned as it was just too big to fit in the cut-off saw. I ended up doing it all with the angle grinder in the end, which took quite a while. Good job I bought some more metal-cutting discs the other day…

Anyhow, that done I got the frame back up on the saw benches so I didn’t have to grovel around on the ground too much whilst doing the welding.

Then it was just a case of working my way around, clamping a plate into position and welding as I went. The welding wasn’t that easy and I’ve not made as good a job of it as I’d like because the breeze was a bit gusty, but I think it’s ok if not very pretty.

In all I got half of the pieces attached before having to call it a day, though the ones on the roof are only welded on one side at the moment, whereas those on the sides are welded on both sides.

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