Building an observatory. Construction #3

What finer way could a blazing hot sunny day be spent than barrowing and shovelling a tonne of concrete? ????

This Sunday I started the day by cutting some of the outer floor timbers to length and digging the previously-mentioned radiator brackets out of my pile of scrap metal to use to fix the timbers to the pads. Then came the hard part: shovelling the ingredients for the concrete into the mixer, wheelbarrowing it to the right place and shovelling it out again. I certainly won’t complain about the weather because it’s such a pleasure to be able to spend so much time outdoors, but by the time I finished my clothes were totally sodden with sweat and I was almost on my knees.

Very pleased to have got it all done though. Here’s how it looks now:

Not entirely sure where I go from here. I think I need to get all the concrete work done, but that means knowing exactly how my piers are going to work out so I can sink the bolts into the concrete in the correct places. I might have to finish the pier design and then talk to the chap who is going to make them.

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