Tripod for Skywatcher Star Adventurer

Reading around to pull together ideas for a tripod for the Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount (particularly with a view to airline travel), a number of people are apparently using the Zomei Z888C carbon fibre tripod and it did indeed look suitable for the job. I particularly liked the hook on the bottom of the main pillar that allows additional weight to be hung on the bottom to further stabilise the tripod.

It was then pointed out to me that Neewer sell (what appears to be) the same tripod on Amazon for almost half the price (the “Neewer Carbon Fiber 65”). It claims to have a maximum load of 15kg and I really can’t see me getting anywhere close to that. The TS Photoline OTA that I intend to use is just over 2kg and I think the Star Adventurer is only another 1kg or so, perhaps 2kg with the counterweight assuming I don’t rig up something cunning with a second camera that acts as a counterweight. My Canon 450D is barely half a kilo, but I need to allow for the flattener too. I think that even then a total weight of less than 6kg seems likely. Once I have all the bits I will weigh everything just to find out.

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