Swimming, 24th April 2018

Another repeat of yesterday’s set today:

400m front crawl warm-up
25 x 50m front crawl, target time 55s, rest interval 20s
200m front crawl swim down

The human body is an amazing thing (yes, even mine!). Less than a week ago this set was crippling. I barely managed half the distance. Today I managed the full set and I didn’t even drop into the 50s for each rep until the last five. Actually, after starting with some reps on 47s and 48s I was deliberately trying to slow things down so I could keep going longer, but seemed to get stuck at 49s until I reached the point where I was getting seriously tired. Very pleased with the outcome. Tomorrow I shall rest though I might do a little core work in the gym. Then back to it on Thursday hopefully.

USRPT distance this year: 31,250m
Total distance this year: 66,800m

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