Swimming, 6th March 2018

Eleven days since my last swim, thanks to a combination of work, the weather (the pool was closed for two days last week because of the snow, though I’d not have been able to get to it anyhow) and domestic disasters. I repeated the last set I swam:

400m front crawl warm-up
25 x 50m front crawl, target time 57s, rest interval 23s
200m front crawl swim down

Eleven days have made for a noticeable change in performance. Whereas the last two times I’ve done this set I was in the high 40s for most of the reps, today I was struggling despite only being in the low 50s. It was such hard work! Normally by the time I’m changed and in the car on the way home my body has pretty much adjusted back to normal, but today I almost steamed up the entire vehicle as soon as I got inside.

Still, I did actually make all the reps on the target time, so next time I have to change the set. I think it has to be 56s target time with 24s rest.

USRPT distance this year: 16,150m
Total distance this year: 39,700m

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