Swimming, 16th October 2017

Another tri fitness session today, all front crawl. Quite an odd one as only four people turned up so we had a lane each and still some left over. The set was:

4 x 3 lengths as swim, catch-up, choice drill, 30 seconds rest
6 x 1 length sprint, 45 seconds rest
3 x 12 lengths repeating easy, medium, fast, 30 seconds rest
4 x 2 lengths as 1 length doggy paddle, 1 length swim, 30 seconds rest
6 lengths swim down

I ignored all the drills and just worked on body rotation and stroke length. I struggle with lots of drills anyhow, as my legs sink if I’m not going fast enough. I managed everything, but was two lengths short on the swim down when we ran out of time, so my total for the night was 2,200m.

Total distance for the month: 21,800m
Total distance for this year: 437,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 39,000m ahead

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