Swimming, 16th August 2017

Pretty much the same as yesterday’s session, practising bilateral breathing again. 2km from the off breathing to the left on odd lengths and the right on even lengths, then 8x50m kick and 4x50m full bilateral breathing with a tumble turn.

At the moment breathing to the right is tiring my right arm excessively. I think there’s an urge to pull harder on the breathing stroke to generate the body rotation which is actually probably not necessary. I need to work on that one so the stroke before the breath becomes more relaxed.

I think I have a similar problem with turns, actually. There’s a temptation to pull very hard on the last stroke before the tuck, but actually I’m really not convinced it’s necessary and I’m now trying to relax that last stroke and just use the speed into the wall to generate the rotation.

Total distance for the month: 31,000m
Total distance for this year: 343,100m
Distance compared to annual target: 22,500m ahead

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