Swimming, 14th August 2017

Well, today was a bit of a monster! In the evening I planned to do the tri fitness session that I’d attempted to go to last week before deciding I was too ill, but I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d definitely have time to go, so I did a shortened session earlier in the day just to make sure I got some swimming in, covering 2km.

When I got to the tri session in the evening I was a bit early, so did eight lengths just to get myself moving. When the coach arrived she said “We’ve not done one of these for quite a while, so I thought I’d set a distance session for tonight”. Bit of a baptism of fire, really:

8 lengths warm up as 2 x ( 3 lengths swim, 1 length kick), then
20 lengths
16 lengths
12 lengths
8 lengths
4 lengths
2 lengths

all front crawl, with 30 seconds rest between them. Followed by

4 x 1 length sprint with 45 seconds rest
6 lengths swim down

And this is in a pool which for some strange reason is 331?3 metres long.

There seemed to be a lot of aggression directed at the water compared with what I’m used to making the water very choppy, so I opted to stick to breathing to my favoured side (for which I was chastised by the coach). It was also observed that my stroke is a bit short at the back end, so I need to work on that. Generally though it went very well. I missed the sprints due to lack of time, but managed everything else. It will be interesting to go back next week and do a “more normal” session.

So, 2.8km in that second session and 4.8km for the day. Far more than I’ve ever swum in a single day. I am quite chuffed. Perhaps tomorrow won’t be quite so easy though 🙂

Total distance for the month: 25,900m
Total distance for this year: 338,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 21,400m ahead

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