Swimming, 10th August 2017

Was really looking forward to swimming today, but once in the pool my arms just felt so tired that I really couldn’t make much progress and struggled to swim more than 200m at a time. Neither did it help that I was sharing the lane with someone who clearly wasn’t keen to share. So I just tried to keep it simple and do technique work and some kick.

I’m coming to the conclusion that for front crawl turns I should look at trying to use only the inertia of my body to power the rotation in the turn, as opposed to using the last pull to provide the power. I want to experiment with this idea a bit. At present I find that my arms tire much more quickly when I’m doing tumble turns and the only reason I can immediately see for that is the amount of effort I’m using to generate the rotation in the turn. Something for another time, anyhow.

Total distance for the month: 18,300m
Total distance for this year: 330,400m
Distance compared to annual target: 17,800m ahead

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