Swimming goggles, revisited

Holidays over the summer mean I could do with a pair of goggles more suited to swimming outdoors in the sun than the clear ones that I prefer to wear in my usual pool. I’m fairly happy with the Finis Bolt goggles I recently bought, but I decided that rather than going for the same model with a mirror finish I’d try a pair of their Lightning goggles (again, with the mirrored finish) to see if I prefer the fit. I have no particular criticism of the Bolts. They aren’t insecure, don’t let water in and I can wear them for ninety minutes swimming quite happily. The fit just doesn’t quite inspire confidence so I’d like to try something else.

Because I always prefer to have a spare pair of goggles in the event of a strap or nosepiece breaking or the goggles starting to leak I’m also going to try the Nike Remora (again in a mirrored finish) which are of quite a similar design to the Finis goggles.

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