Swimming, 12th June 2017

Plenty of time today, so I swam 2,500m front crawl and then switched to kick and pull for 500m, working on bilateral breathing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that doing kick with a float and using a pull with my right arm to initiate breathing to my right isn’t really very satisfactory any more because the float obstructs the proper rotation of my body. On the plus side it does allow me the time to actually take a decent breath and I think it’s been helpful to get me other the psychological hurdle of not being able to get my head to rotate to the right at all.

When I switched to using a pull-buoy my stroke became rather messy, crossing the centre-line and all sorts of other problems. I think the first thing to do will be to establish a rhythm for taking the breath. I shall try again tomorrow.

Total distance for the month: 16,500m
Total distance for this year: 211,500m
Distance compared to annual target: 20,500m under

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