Swimming, 5th June 2017

First time swimming for ten days, which I do feel quite guilty about, not to mention a little frustrated because I’ll have lost a lot of the ground I made up last month on my target distance. I have been very busy with other things though, and in fact over the half term holiday week the public swimming times don’t really work out very well for me.

I also had to test drive my new Jaked jammers that I bought for a fair bit less than I paid for my last pair of cheap Arena ones.

So, straight into the pool and 3,000m of front crawl to start the month. It was pretty busy too, with plenty of people swimming lengths, including one chap doing very slow “old lady breaststroke” diagonally across three lanes of the pool.

And the jammers were fine. I did buy two pairs because they were so cheap. Perhaps I should have had more…

Total distance for the month: 3,000m
Total distance for this year: 198,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 24,000m under

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