Swimming, 16th June 2017

The short session of the week, shortened further by the absence of a life guard at the start of the session 🙁

My plan was to do the next Swimfit session:

5 minutes easy swim alternating lengths of front crawl and backstroke
1 minute rest
10 x ( 1 length backstroke, 15 seconds rest )
10 x ( 1 length breaststroke, 15 seconds rest )
20 lengths front crawl
1 minute rest
12 lengths breaststroke
1 minute rest
3 minutes backstroke
1 minute rest
6 lengths easy any stroke

On top of what I’d already done this week the backstroke and breaststroke just killed me and by the time I got to the front crawl I was, well, crawling, so having completed the 20 lengths front crawl I just carried on with that stroke to the end of the session, completing 72 lengths in total.

I’m clearly going to have to come back to this session, but I might have to look at improving my backstroke and breaststroke first.

Total distance for the month: 27,000m
Total distance for this year: 222,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 18,000m under

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