Swimming, 17th May 2017

Slightly late to the pool today and immediately I got in the water the nosepiece of my goggles broke. Fortunately I carry a few spare pairs including some for the children when they’re training, but it took me five minutes or so to find a pair that fitted and didn’t leak. In fact I still wasn’t that happy with them, but more on that later…

Given the late start I just cracked on with front crawl, working on keeping my elbow high during the pull and overall it went pretty well, though I lost count in the middle and may actually have done ten more lengths than the one hundred and twelve I eventually counted.

Now I just need to go and order some more goggles.

Total distance for the month: 30,800m
Total distance for this year: 178,200m
Distance compared to annual target: 17,000m under

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