Swimming, 16th May 2017

Today I returned to that old, old Swimfit session. Actually, it didn’t go that badly. I’m really not happy that my breaststroke is genuinely improving, but I did spend a fair bit of the session working on having my arms moving continuously in the backstroke instead of having a bit of a pause when the hands reach the hips (more like “backstroke catchup” I guess). I also worked on my front crawl, trying to keep my elbows in the same plane as my shoulders and hips during the “pull” phase. This did result in a noticeable increase in speed (though nowhere near as significant as some other swimmers I’ve seen, I have had a tendency to allow my elbows to drop during the pull), so I’ll continue to work on that.

After the Swimfit work I made the session up to 2,500m with a mad dash of front crawl before the session finished.

Total distance for the month: 28,000m
Total distance for this year: 175,400m
Distance compared to annual target: 17,800m under

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