Swimming, 10th May 2017

I missed a day yesterday for reasons beyond my control, so back to the grindstone today with that same old Swimfit session, made up to 2.5km with front crawl.

Although I’m not apparently getting any faster, I worked more on my breaststroke and backstroke today, specifically thinking about hip position and high elbows in the breaststroke and trying to get my arm movement continuous (no pausing at the end of the pull) in backstroke which is quite tricky, though doing so does seem to build into the desired body rotation. I think I also need to get my arm deeper before starting the pull on the backstroke. At the moment, particularly with my left arm, there’s a loud “gloop” noise after I start the pull as water falls back into the “hole” I’ve just made at the surface. I don’t think that should be happening really. It’s all going to take some time…

Total distance for the month: 17,600m
Total distance for this year: 165,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 21,000m under

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