Incubating eggs update

Ok, so other things got in the way a little over the last couple of days, but we’re now four days in. I’ve just weighed the trays of eggs. Worryingly the Suro incubator is showing an RH value of 68% at the moment, perhaps because it’s been quite warm today. Anyhow, here are the results.

The total weight of tray and eggs for the Suro incubator is now 1522g, giving the weight of the eggs alone as 1114g. That’s a loss of 32g or 2.8%. That looks very close to the top end of where I want to be, so if the humidity is high perhaps I need to check the temperature.

The total weight for the tray and eggs in the Brinsea incubator is now 1376g, giving the weight of the eggs as 1130g, a loss of 33g, just over 2.8%. Looks as though I’ll have to check the temperature there, too.

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