Egg incubation humidity

A day in, the relative humidity in my Suro 20 incubator is being reported as about 60% and it really ought to be a bit lower than that — nearer 52%.

If I’ve done my research properly I reckon on average the eggs should lose between 0.58% and 0.68% of their weight each day if the humidity is correct. That being the case, each tray should have lost somewhere in the region of 15g in weight by the time they’ve been in the incubator two days, or about 22g after three days. I’ll weigh them either tomorrow evening or the following evening (they went into the incubators at 5pm, so that should represent two or three days) and see how they’re doing.

I have to admit that I’m a little short of ideas on what to do if they aren’t losing weight fast enough. I might try putting a handful of rice in the bottom of the incubator to see if that helps.

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