And they’re off!

My eggs arrived safely so this Saturday I unpacked them to go into the incubators. I have one dozen each of Cream Legbar:

White Leghorn:

and Copper Black Marans:

This is too many to fit into a single one of my incubators so I split them equally between two, mixing the positions of the eggs in the rows. The first eighteen went into my Suro 20 which has a very convenient automatic humidity controller that pumps water into the incubator as required. The target temperature and humidity are also set digitally on the control panel and it has an automatic turning cradle which makes it very easy to use. Here are the eggs in the tray:

And with the incubator up to temperature:

The second set went in my Brinsea Octagon 20. This also has a turning cradle, but there’s no humidity control and the temperature is set using a small twiddly screw on the side. More eggs:

And coming back to temperature after I put in the eggs:

Before they went into the incubator I weighed the eggs and the total weight of the tray once the eggs were added. For the first incubator the total weight of the eggs was 1146g and the tray was an additional 408g. The second set of eggs were 1163g and the tray 246g. I’ll use this to check how the eggs are doing in terms of weight loss during incubation.

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