Swimming, 4th April 2017

In an effort to improve upon yesterday I went to the pool at a different time today, but this time half the pool was taken up with “Senior Swim Lessons” and everyone else was squashed into the remainder until they were done, which wasn’t ideal for me given the number of people wanting to swim lengths, plenty of children just there to play and so on. I shall have to bear that in mind next time.

Anyhow, I had another crack at my favourite Swimfit session of the moment:

14 lengths easy front crawl
Rest up to one minute
6 x 1 length moderate front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
5 x 2 lengths fast front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
8 lengths fast breaststroke
Rest until breathing returns to normal
8 lengths fast front crawl
Rest until breathing returns to normal
12 lengths easy front crawl

For the first time ever I made it through the breaststroke without feeling as if I was going to die, which is quite a landmark (watermark, perhaps?) for me. I think I can quite fairly move on to the next session now, though I might just do this session one last time.

After completing the session I made the distance up to 2,300m just swimming front crawl.

Total distance for the month: 5,300m
Total distance for this year: 112,300m
Distance compared to annual target: 21,700m under

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