Swimming, 24th April 2017

As I don’t swim at the weekend I thought I’d give the latest Swimfit session another crack first thing this week:

12 lengths front crawl
8 lengths breaststroke
4 lengths backstroke
1 minute rest
2 x ( 2 lengths each of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke ) 15 sec rest after each length
8 x ( 1 length each of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, 30 sec rest )
10 lengths fast front crawl, 30 seconds rest every 2 lengths
8 lengths easy front crawl

I still can’t do it in the expected 55 minutes. I think my breaststroke and backstroke just aren’t fast enough. By my reckoning in the above set there are ten and a half minutes rest, leaving forty-four and a half minutes swimming for seventy-eight lengths which is just over 34 seconds per length. I can’t do that in breaststroke and backstroke. In fact, covering 1950m at 34 seconds per length is a pretty reasonable pace (for me, at least) just sticking to front crawl.

For the previous session the timing was sixty minutes for three quarters the distance, mostly in front crawl and the session before that allowed seventy minutes for seventy-four lengths, again mostly front crawl though there were four lengths of kick. On the other hand the next session asks for about sixty lengths in twenty-seven minutes (with rest time on top). I just can’t see that happening in the near future. Perhaps I need some other guide as to when to move on to the next session.

Anyhow, having done the session I made the distance up to 2,700m with front crawl, until I was kicked out of the lane to make room for a swimming lesson 🙂

Total distance for the month: 30,300m
Total distance for this year: 137,300m
Distance compared to annual target: 24,700m under

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