Swimming, 22nd March 2017

Late to the pool today, so I just got in and got on with what I could in the time available. Swam 80 lengths front crawl and then covered another 400m practising turns again, attempting them at the shallow (1m deep) end of the pool for the first time in quite a while. Last time I tried I usually bumped into the floor of the pool on the way out of the turn. At least that didn’t happen today, though I was still quite close.

Not being able to breathe bilaterally is something of an embuggerance and I’m going to have to face up to learning to do so at some point. At the moment I find myself reaching the “T” without the appropriate time for another breath to my left (the only side I can breathe on) before the turn, which can leave me gasping for air on the way out. Of course handling that may also become easier with practice, or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.

Total distance for the month: 35,100m
Total distance for this year: 92,700m

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