Swimming, 14th March 2017

Returned to doing a Swimfit session today. In fact it was a session I’ve already done but wasn’t particularly happy with:

14 lengths easy front crawl
Rest up to one minute
6 x 1 length moderate front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
5 x 2 lengths fast front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
8 lengths fast breaststroke
Rest until breathing returns to normal
8 lengths fast front crawl
Rest until breathing returns to normal
12 lengths easy front crawl

The breaststroke is the real killer here and I still struggled with it. I was keeping pace with the person swimming front crawl next to me, but I think that says more about their front crawl than my breaststroke 🙂 I think I might end up repeating this session a few times and I’ll move on when I find it a bit easier.

There was a little time left so I made the distance up to 2,200m with some easy front crawl and whilst I was swimming decided that I’d set myself a target this year of swimming an average of 10km per week, or, given time off for good behaviour, 500km for the year. That probably means I’m a little behind target as things stand, ten and a half weeks into the year.

Total distance for the month: 19,800m
Total distance for this year: 77,400m

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