I haven’t the foggiest what’s going on with the weather

As I dropped down from the hills into the local town on the way back from swimming today, through the hedges I could see a strange-looking bank of cloud sitting in one of the valleys between me and the Quantock Hills. When I arrived home I took the camera out and managed to get this picture, though it hardly does the scene justice. By this time the cloud had completely obscured the Quantocks themselves and was building up in the closer valleys, all the while under bright blue skies.

I’ve seen similar views before, but usually on autumnal mornings around sunrise when there are just a few trees poking out of the top of the mist, but it’s rare to catch the cloud actually building up, especially late in the afternoon.

It has been fairly wet over the last few weeks and the ground is very damp, but today was very sunny (I even wore shorts outdoors for the first time this year!). I guess the warm moist air sitting in the valleys cooled rapidly as the Sun was sinking and the moisture condensed out.

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