Swimming, 18th January 2017

A shorter session today and I got some “toys” out too:

10 lengths front crawl
One minute rest
4 x 1 length front crawl kick, 20 seconds rest
4 x 1 length front crawl pull, 20 seconds rest
4 x 1 length front crawl, fast pace, 15 seconds rest
2 x 2 lengths front crawl, fast pace, 15 seconds rest
4 x 1 length front crawl fast, rest until recovered
10 lengths front crawl swim down

(These are not my session plans, btw. They’re what I have swum based on the ASA “Swimfit” sessions. Sadly it looks as though they’re discontinuing that programme.)

The kick set was pathetic compared with what we’d normally expect the club swimmers to manage, but my thighs were really burning by the end of it. I was pleased to give them a rest for the pull set afterwards.

I also fitted in another 500m doing front crawl turn practice at the deep end. Still working on the foot placement, though it was getting better.

Another thing I’m going to have to think in the turns about is timing of breathing. I have only ever learned to breathe to my left when swimming front crawl and if I arrive at the “T” on the “wrong arm” then taking the last breath before the turn becomes tricky. I accept that in fact I need to develop the capacity to swim longer on a single breath, but at the moment exhaling during the turn leaves me gasping for air by the time I surface (and I so hate being anywhere near the flags when I take my first breath). I should learn to breathe to my right which would help, but as I get better at the turn I hope I will be able to control my breathing so I’m more comfortable coming out of the turn regardless.

Total distance this month: 23,600m
Total distance this year: 23,600m

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