First results from the micrometeorite collector

A couple of years ago I posted about making a micrometeorite collector that used a neodymium magnet to capture magnetic material in flow of rainwater from our house roof.

Months later we removed the magnet from the collector and collected and dried all the material we found. Here’s what we ended up with:

Obviously we can’t know that the material genuinely originates from meteors, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I think the best explanation for a terrestrial origin would be that it was carried up to the roof by birds that perch on the ridge.

We collected more material a second time.

I worked out at one point what the estimated weight of meteorite material should be in a given area based on estimated figures for the entire amount falling on the Earth in one year. I should weigh what we have collected and see how it compares. I’ll post about that another time.

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