Now we know the origin of “Black Friday”

And it’s nothing to do with “the day when shops get out of the red and into the black”. As far as I can see from the news reports of the last two days and recalling the same from last year, it’s actually called “Black Friday” because of the way people behave.

There is nothing I have or could wish to have that I would be willing to put someone else at risk of injury to obtain either at a discount or even full price. I would rather go completely without. To behave in such a way as the news reports say, demonstrating such greed and lack of care for others is not clever or shrewd or decent or reasonable. It’s not even human. People who behave like animals should have no complaint if they end up being treated like them. It disgusts me more deeply than I can express.

Even worse, the Sun newspaper is quoted by the BBC News website today as saying “Packed stores and overflowing tills do wonders for the economy. Ok, the occasional shopper got over-excited. That’s a (substantially-reduced) price worth paying.”

Really? So as long as people get a cheap television, the fact that others are getting punched in the face or ending up in hospital or committing assault isn’t a big deal? What utter scum-sucking bottom-feeder wrote that? Somehow I find it hard to believe that were it one of their nearest and dearest who was the victim in such a situation that they would be writing “Oh, well, as long as someone got a cheap TV, never mind that my granny is in hospital”, for example. I find myself unable to comprehend how sick such a person must be to condone such casual violence.

Whilst we fail to speak out against this behaviour our society is doomed. We won’t have a society. We’ll have a group of greedy, self-serving individuals who don’t give a damn about anyone else, even though those very same people they’re treating so shabbily may well be ones upon whom their very existence depends.

I’m tempted to say “I hope you’re proud of yourselves”, but that’s really just not true. Actually, I hope you rot in Hell at the earliest available opportunity. The Human race has absolutely no place for you.

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