New Toy in the Workshop

I’ve been wanting to learn to use one of these for ages and of late it would have been a benefit in a number of projects to be able to create small metal parts, so my Christmas present to myself this year was a (second hand) lathe. It’s a Chester Conquest Super that was apparently bought by someone five or six years ago and then for various reasons never even made it out of the crate. The owner sold it to someone else who used it for a couple of weeks to turn a couple of parts and I bought it from him. I had to replace the sensor for the motor speed readout and the cross slide DRO needed a new battery, but otherwise it’s pretty much “as new”.

Unfortunately it then took me ages to build a new bench for it all to stand on, but I completed that a couple of weeks back and here it is installed:

I’m now busy reading Sparey, Tubal Cain and others whilst assembling a load of scrap metal to practice turning on…

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