Solar Imaging with the 127 Mak

Someone was asking about the set-up of a solar imaging system, so I took these photos of mine “in action”. There’s really nothing special here other than the motor focuser that I cobbled onto the back of the Mak. The camera is a Canon 450D with a T2 adapter fitted straight to the visual back on the telescope. It has an external PSU and is controlled by a laptop using APT via a USB cable. The mount is my somewhat ancient EQ3-2 with dual axis motors. The solar filter is home-made, using Baader Solar Film.

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2 Responses to Solar Imaging with the 127 Mak

  1. Catalin CACIULEANU says:


    Finding your page by chance.
    May I ask you about the motorize focuser that you add on your SkyMax?
    It’s the Auto-Ficuser from SkyWatcher or something else?

    Myself I have a SkyMax 102 and I’m interested in a motorized focuser as well.

    Thanks in advance for your support and feedback.


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