Arrival of my 27mm Tele Vue Panoptic

Whilst my Baader Genuine Orthos are fine in my 10″ dob the largest focal length I have is 18mm and the longer focal length lenses I have from my Revelation kit just aren’t up to coping with such a fast scope (f/4.7). I’d been dithering over the 82° Explore Scientific eyepieces or the Meade 5000 series UWAs because I just couldn’t justify the price of a Tele Vue when a 27mm Panoptic came up second hand for less than either of the first two would have cost, so it seemed silly not to.

It arrived this week and whilst the weather has been far too poor to actually attempt to use it, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of it. The first is next to my existing 32mm Revelation eyepiece. It’s a bit of a monster. I might need a counterweight for the dob…

And for a giggle, here’s my biggest eyepiece, and my smallest:

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