Solar PV Generation Update, August 2012

Well, at last we’ve had a little sunshine this summer, though ten days in July is a pretty poor showing even so. Can’t complain though; it’s a whole lot better than May and June.

Generation for July was 407kWh. Lower than I expected again, but by less than 10% this time. This brings the total for the eleven months since installation to 2914kWh, which is equivalent to about £1320 in FIT payments and up to £430 in electricity we haven’t had to purchase from the grid.

Looking at the data models, the one the solar installers are required to use predict generation of 2903kWh per year, so we’ve scraped past that after eleven months. Based on my own calculations at the time of installation I was hoping for a figure nearer 3222kWh which is certainly still feasible if the August weather isn’t as poor as the rest of the summer. If the expected 11.83% of our annual production does occur in August then we should reach a total for 3300kWh for the first year and I’ll be exceptionally happy.

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