Solar PV Generation Update, July 2012

Unless you have some strange rain fetish, June has been an awful month weather-wise. There’s been hardly a single day here when it didn’t rain and even when rain wasn’t falling the sky has been mostly cloudy. According to the Met Office June was the wettest month on record (for more than 100 years) with rainfall across the UK averaging perhaps 10% more than the previous worst year. There’s little sign of a let-up in July either thanks to the northern polar jet stream just sitting stationary across the UK for the foreseeable future.

So, the numbers. Generation for June was 327kWh, worse than any other month since February. That brings our total generation to 2507kWh since installation, bringing in about £1130 in FIT payments and saving us up to £375 in electricity not purchased from the grid.

Such poor performance has pushed our predicted output for the year even further back to around 3370kWh for the year. Unless the sun goes out I can’t see how July can really be that much worse.

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