Xbox Live Camera Base Removal

If you’re modding the Xbox Live camera for astro imaging then the base is just one more thing to get in the way. Here’s how to remove it. I’ll assume you’ve already got the front shell off to start with.

First, remove the four screws (two holding in the PCB, two in the retaining clip). Pay attention to the orientation of the post carrying the USB cable up through the foot as the camera won’t go back together properly if you replace it the wrong way around.







Remove the USB connector from the back of the PCB. It can be gently wiggled out with a small screwdriver. Just don’t slip and gouge a huge hole in the PCB. Now turn the foot upside down and remove the non-slip ring with a knife or screwdriver to reveal two screws that must be removed:







There are four more screws hidden by the label that also need to be removed. Just feel for them through the label with a screwdriver and pierce the label when you find the holes to unscrew the screws:







It should now be possible to split the top and bottom halves of the foot to reveal some weights and another bracket holding the bottom end of the post:







Unscrew the bracket and the cable will pull through:







The camera can then be reassembled.

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