Solar PV Generation Update, May 2012

Well, for the first time since installation we’ve had a poorer-than-expected month. No great surprises there, given how utterly awful the weather has been.

Output for April came it at a measly 395kWh when based on past performance I was expecting somewhere nearer 580kWh. Hey ho. That’s the way the croissant crumbles. Total generation since installation is now 1,785kWh. On the bright side the tariffs have been increased and we now receive 45.4p per kWh generated and 3.2p per kWh exported. We earned approximately £625 in FIT payments on the previous rate and this month adds about £185 at the new rate taking us up to £810 overall, with up to £270 saved in electricity used from the grid.

This month does knock our predicted output back a fair bit, to around 4,100kWh for the year, but we’re still way over what I’d expect.

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