Solar PV Generation Update, Mar 2012

I was bracing myself for low numbers this month as December, January and February are apparently only expected to account for about 7.5% of our total yearly output, but was pleasantly surprised when I read the generation meter to discover that we actually produced 178kWh last month, almost as much as November and December put together. It may have helped that I have rather drastically pruned a tree that was partially shading some of the panels when the sun was low in the sky.

From installation at the start of September to the end of February we’ve generated 1007kWh, worth around £450 in FITs income plus up to £150 worth of electricity that we haven’t used.

On the assumption that the models I have are reasonably accurate we’d expect to generate fractionally under 23% of our total annual output over the last six months, suggesting our total annual output would be around 4,400kWh which puts something of a strain on my credulity, I have to admit.

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