Alternative Breakfasts

I’m sitting here this morning eating rhubarb crumble for my breakfast. It makes an interesting change from the usual toast or cereals and I’m very much enjoying it. The thought also strikes me that as it was home-made from rhubarb grown in our own garden it’s also quite probably far healthier than most usual breakfast fare that leaves a factory in a cardboard box (and by and large tastes like sugar-coated cardboard too). It wasn’t cooked specifically for breakfast, I should point out. It’s left over from Sunday’s dinner.

Given the huge variety in breakfast meals around the world (and, in fact, in what we have eaten for breakfast in our own nation over the years), I think it might be time to experiment a little more with the options. Why on earth would you really want to allow massive multinationals to dictate what you should eat for what some people describe as “the most important meal of the day”?

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