Starting This Year’s Fruit and Veg

Well, kind of. I’ve already got broad beans under cloches in one of the veggie beds and a sowing of peas in the polytunnel, but they were all planted last year…

Anyhow, my daughter has been getting at me to go and sow some seeds with her so this weekend we went out and made a start. We’ve planted tomato varieties Gardener’s Delight, San Marzano, Costoluto Fiorentino and Cour di Bue. Some of the seeds were left over from last year, but we’ll see how they get on. Last year we had tomato plants everywhere, but we use them for making pasta and pizza sauces as well as in salads and can never have too many.

Next up were Zimbabwe Bird Pepper and Jalapeno chiles. Something else we can never have too many of. The instructions say they need a temperature of 28C to germinate. Not sure we’re going to get that much heat anywhere. I bet even our airing cupboard doesn’t get that warm. Still, they’re in the propagator and we’ll see how they do.

I was hoping to get some sweet peppers and Cayenne peppers in, too, but we ran out of time. I’ll catch up with those later in the week. I really must put together a planting plan over the next few days or I’ll not get anywhere.

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