Observatory Build. The Big Idea.

Since I’ve had my telescopes I’ve been very tempted to build an observatory. My preferred viewing site is some forty metres from the house which is a long way to carry kit (not to mention to trail power leads if I need power), so the obvious solution is to build an observatory where I can have things set up permanently.

Much as I’d love to build a “rotating dome”, it’s really not practical for the site, not to mention sticking out like a sore thumb, so I’ve decided the best solution is a “roll off roof” design, where the roof runs on wheels in a channel on the tops of the walls and can be pushed to one side when required.

My plan is to have an observing room perhaps ten feet square, with a “warm room” to one side where computers and other equipment can be used. The other major requirement is that the pier should be capable of carrying both SCT and Mak OTA designs where the eyepiece is close to the mount, and large newtonians where the eyepiece is much further away in a position where they can be used comfortably, preferably in a seated position.

That is pretty much my starting point. I’ve looked at quite a number of other people’s builds and intend to plagiarise their work heavily to suit my needs. I’ll document the process as I go along.

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