Swimming, 12th January 2022

Very quiet in the pool today. I was the only person booked into the fast lane. It’s always pleasant when there are no more than two swimmers in the lane, as we can take a lane line each rather than swimming “round and round”.

I was expecting today to be a bit easier than recently given the removal of my “lockdown” hairstyle earlier in the week (I had an appointment to get it trimmed a month ago, but that was cancelled due to a positive Covid test and I’ve only just been able to get another). Unfortunately that wasn’t so. It felt really quite a struggle. But it wasn’t all bad news…

In my 50m front crawl set my first failure came unpleasantly early, on rep nine, but after that I managed to swim the rest of the set, so having fallen back a couple of reps before the first failure from last time, I did at least improve in only having a single failure.

The 25m set after that was very tough though. My arms felt so tired and I had quite a few reps close to the limit, and two failures as well. Hopefully I can improve on that tomorrow.

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