Piano, four days in

I’ve been practising every day and the simple stuff seems to be coming more easily now, but it’s far too early to make a decision between the two books I’ve been reading to learn. Andrew Furmanczyk’s videos I’m losing faith with a little. Partly I think he’s just not my style, but also I’m not yet sure where it’s all going — there seems to be a lot of information, but not a lot of “glue” to put it all together that makes for meaningful learning. I’ll stick with them for a while yet though.

One other source of online lessons I’ve found is another set of YouTube videos by Bill Hilton. He has a “How to play piano for beginners” playlist as well as a lot of other stuff that might come in handy one day. I’ve only watched the first one so far, but he seems more direct and perhaps a little more to my taste. I’ll certainly watch a few more to see how they go.

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