More fruits of my labour

I picked another 1┬żlb of blackberries this morning, followed by a washing up bowl full (I have no idea what that weighs — perhaps 14lbs?) of Victoria plums. The blackberries went straight into the freezer and we’ve stoned the plums and frozen them as well. This afternoon I’ve (half-) refilled the washing up bowl with damsons. They should go into the freezer this evening I think. Quite a few of the remaining damsons and one or two of the plums have a clear resinous substance on the outside. I’ve not found out why yet. I need to cut a few open and have a look at what’s inside I think.

I also cut quite a few (perhaps a hundred or thereabouts) stems of basil, tied them in bunches and hung them in the workshop (where it’s usually fairly dark) to dry the leaves. The basil is getting quite leggy now, which I suspect is due to the reducing light levels. I don’t think it will be long before it gives up altogether which will be a shame though I’ve got no complaints; it’s been a real success this year.

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