Swimming, 2nd July 2021

What a difference from yesterday! And despite having someone in the lane who was a bit of a mobile roadblock. Fast enough (just) to be there, but a fair bit slower than the fastest of us and with poor lane discipline 🙁

Anyhow, on my 50m reps I had one 44 second swim early on, but other than that everything was in the 42s and 43s with the exception of four reps which were 41s. I’ve never been that fast before, so to complete four reps at that speed was very pleasing.

It did leave me feeling a little tired for the 25m reps so I wasn’t expecting much there, but everything was below 19 seconds, including five below 18s. The fastest I recall was 17.45s, so I’m even halfway to 16s 😀 And another was only 18.05s, so I was fingertips away from a sixth sub-18s rep.

Getting out of the pool after that lot was quite hard, but it’s a very positive way to go into my weekend 🙂

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