No dig diary, 20th June 2021

I managed to earth up the potatoes today, but other jobs then got in the way of me doing much else. The only other garden-related thing I’ve done is emptying a pile of the remains of old beehive frames that I’ve melted down for the wax into the compost bin, so mostly the remains of the cocoons that the larvae make when they pupate, plus a bit of scraped-off propolis. Not sure if that counts as a “green” or a “brown” 😀 I suspect the latter. It’s a job I’ve been meaning to do for ages (like, several years), but failed to get myself organised until now. I’ve just been stacking up all my old frames and bits of comb and now I’m running out of storage space so needed to do something about it. I reckon there must have been almost a wheelbarrow full of the stuff in the end, and I’d guess I have about 4kg of wax to clean up.

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