Swimming, 4th May 2021

I thought two of us were going to have the lane to ourselves today, but a couple of other swimmers arrived slightly late and I lost track of where I was whilst we were shuffling ourselves about. The dream continues however: despite the reduction in interval to 85 seconds I only had one 50m rep over 46 seconds today and that was when I badly fluffed a turn. Most of the rest were forty-five point something, with several 44s, a 43, and on one rep only I was back in less than 43 seconds! After a few minutes rest and a gentle paddle keeping out of everyone’s way, I managed all but two of my 25m reps in under nineteen seconds. I tried really hard on the last to keep it to the one, but I really was running on empty by that point and I just couldn’t keep the pace up.

Day off tomorrow, then I shall be back for another go on Thursday.

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