Swimming, 19th April 2021

I decided to work off the clock when I swam today, but still take it fairly easy, so I set myself a target of doing twenty 50m swims in under 60 seconds on an interval of 105 seconds. After that I’d do some single lengths on a 60 second interval until the end of the session, just to see what sort of times I could maintain.

The 50s actually went surprisingly well. In fact it wasn’t that hard to maintain a pace of under 50 seconds for each rep though I did have a brief stray into the fifty-point-somethings around three quarters of the way through.

The single lengths all ended up around nineteen to twenty seconds, which I guess is ok for now. I’m really struggling to get sufficient arm speed to be able to go faster, but that should come back with practice.

I’ll attempt the same thing tomorrow and if that all goes ok then I’ll reduce the interval to 100 seconds for later in the week.

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