Almost there with the no dig greenhouse

All the glazing is now done on the new greenhouse; vents and the door are fitted and only a few small jobs remain.

The most important issue for the moment is probably that the door can flap about (yes, that is why there’s a concrete block in front of it). It needs something to retain it at the bottom. I’ll see what I can find in the way of aluminium angle on Ebay. I should be able to screw some to the sleeper under the door to act as a guide and stop it rocking backwards and forwards.

I need to get the vent openers working, so I’ll take one off and investigate.

Ideally I’d like to get some seals for around the door. I’ve not found anything suitable yet, and I’ve not seen any advertised that look like they’d match the originals.

Finally I need to fix the door runner to the frame a little more neatly.

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