Swimming, 7th December 2020

To my shame, I skipped last Friday’s swimming session. I actually really wanted to go, but my body was still in shock from the day before so I decided to give it a rest.

Today however turned out to be pretty good. My plan was to do twenty 50m reps on a 1:30 interval trying to keep the times below 55s, followed by some recovery time and then to swim out the session doing 25m reps on 60s, trying to keep the times below 25s. That’s quite a relaxed pace still, but I do need a little time to allow my body to work out what is going on after a month without swimming.

The 50s went pretty well. I completed all twenty with times ranging between 48s and 51s which I was happy with. I had enough time left for twelve reps of the 25s which were all around the 20s mark, which I can live with for now.

If I can repeat the 50s set tomorrow without a failure then I’ll look at dropping the recovery time later in the week.

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