Swimming, 4th November 2020

Another awkward day, but much better than earlier this week. I was sharing the lane with two swimmers of a similar pace and slightly slower than me, swimming continuously. So mostly I could avoid them, but every so often I’d have to decide whether to start a rep early before they got to the wall I was waiting at or delay until they’d got far enough ahead that I’d not mash them into the wall on the turn. I can’t really complain about it, to be fair.

Anyhow, modulo the occasional reps done out of time I managed seventeen of my 50m reps before failing and then easily finished the set off. After resting I made it as far as nine of my 25m reps before having to skip one, and then I needed a second skip at rep twelve. Interestingly, my speeds for the 25s were definitely quicker on average than they have been previously though I wasn’t trying to go any faster.

But, that’s now it. No more swimming until after lockdown. I’m really not sure when I might get back to the pool. It wouldn’t surprise me if it weren’t until after Christmas. Boris said today in PMQs that lockdown would definitely end on the 2nd of December, but Boris says a lot of stuff and then changes his mind later. And even if lockdown does end that day, it doesn’t mean the pool will be open the day after. For now I’ll just have to try to find something else to do. It’s been quite a fight to get back to where I am now and I’d prefer not to have to repeat that.

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