Veg plot 2021: More planting out

I finished work early today and got some time in the veggie plot this afternoon, which was doubly pleasant as I was even able to wear just shorts and a t-shirt, which wouldn’t surprise me if it were the last time this year: there’s precious little sign of sun and temperatures are barely scraping into double figures (centigrade) according to the forecast.

Anyhow, because I desperately need more space in the greenhouse I planted out the spring onions (sown in clumps of ten seeds) at 15cm spacing and half the spinach at 30cm spacing in the gap between the red onions I’ve already planted out and the garlic.

That half of a bed is now full. The rest of the spinach and my corn salad (15cm spacing again) I planted in the next bed. Hopefully I can get the remaining brown onions planted out later this week.

The spinach and corn salad are for winter salads. Hopefully they’ll survive until spring. The spinach might be susceptible to frosts, but the corn salad is supposed to be fairly hardy. I may also need to protect them from the birds. I have some mesh “cloches” I can use for that.

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