Veg plot 2020: Last of the courgettes

My wife harvested what will probably be the last of the courgettes for dinner this evening. What is left on the plants aren’t really growing any more and are getting nibbled by the wildlife. I think it’s probably time to lift them, in which case I can probably clear another section of the plot and finish one of the new beds for next year.

The courgettes have been exceptionally good value this year. We had three of the Orelia F1 variety in the plot, chosen partly because they have an RHS Award of Garden Merit and partly because my daughter liked the idea of yellow courgettes. They’ve been providing the four of us and my in-laws with a harvest for five months, including a few oversize ones that have been made into a chutney with chiles and ginger, not entirely unlike mango chutney. I’ll be a little bit sad to see them go.

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